Welcome to my portfolio website!

Hey folks, I'mAnkur Anant

I am a software engineer at Indegene. I like to learn to learn new technology in my free time, and currently I am learning game development and 3d modeling.

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Software EngineerIndegene

Aug 2022 - Present

I work on the backend systems.
Collaborated with other developers and added unit tests for the entire backend project.
Technology used: Node, OracleSQL, Mongodb, Jest Node

Software Engineer InternX0PA AI

Nov 2020 - Aug 2021

Developed apis for the Application Tracking System.
Technology used: React, Redux, Node(Hapi.js), PostgreSQL, CarbonDesignSystem

Community ManagerZeroToMastery

Dec 2018 - Present

Manage online community, and help out with december long AdventOfCode challenge.


SRM University, AP


Bachelor of Technology, CSE


Short description

CarSimulator 3D: Obstacles

A car sim game for android.
Built with unity engine.

Solo Unity C# Android Game

Project Unknown

Project Unknown

A Dev Escape Room prototype.
IT's a 3D, FPS puzzle game where player has to perform some tasks to escape the room.

AdventOfCode Solutions

AOC Submission

A website for ZeroToMastery community where people can upload their AdventOfCode solutions

Live Website

Team ReactJS, Redux NodeJS MongoDB



A VR meeting app made during a week long hackathon.
An app where people can create/join room and talk in VR. I worked on 3D modeling and networking.

Video Demo

Team Unity C# GoogleVR Multiplayer(PUN2 and Photon Voice)